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Board of Directors Meeting

Monday April 15, 2024


Milford Central School



  1. Call to order: 
  1. Present: Last meeting: Russ Langford , Megan Martincorena, Jolene Chase, Don Harvey, Josh Martin, Ryan DeSantis, Albe Hulick, Gabe Lane, Alan Hoke, Heather Currie, Mike Sedlar, Amanda Powers, Dan Powers, Amber Elthorpe


  1. Treasurer’s Report : $34,684.26 in account , Sponsorships (4 gold, 5 silver), back stop needs to be paid for coming out of acct (10k)
    1. $2,586 infrastructure grant, $2,530 sports programs grant for equipment
  2. Baseball/Softball this year:
    1. Park preparation? How was clean-up? Field looks good, put more seed down on Sunday, fence going down the sides- approved (Ryan to send Steve quote)
    2. How do we manage concessions during games? Assign parents to games/dates, Who will help keep inventory for restocking , Amber to help and see if anyone else will help, Alan to check with BJs and possibly other food distributors, money box go to Russ house after games.
    3. Youth Protection for Baseball volunteers: some people still need to finish and any new coaches/assistant coaches will need to take course, Gabe keeping track and will send new email out, Need an AED machine 
    4. Follow up: rules, schedules (Ryan, Don, Amanda, Joline to coordinate). 
    5. Umpire: 607-287-0404 (John Frankle) if you want to get an Umpire assigned to your game
    6. Follow up: umpires for the season for majors 
    7. Follow up: Sponsorships established businesses? New businesses? 
      1. Heather Van Essendelft to do brochures. What information to put on brochure: number of kids interested, goals (obtain a field for more practice space) and plans for future, mission statement , levels of sponsorship, contact information-email address specific to MYA with several ppl to have access to it (contact Lloyd to get access to current one), pictures 
    8. Uniforms: whats the plan? Amber has them organized for as much information as she has, need to order more jerseys due to peeling, order jerseys and until those come in all minors are in tshirt, Mindys Best or BSN are options for ordering. Albe said prices for tshirt 14.95, dry fit 15.99 through BSN. Russ proposed just ordering all new jerseys as its in the budget, wait to order new pants for now. Hats?? Also need hats
    9. Items of use for Grant that needs to be used by Sept?  2 grants from Otsego county youth association, 1 of these grants for 2, 586.00 for infrastructure (has to be done by September 2024), What did we find out for pricing of things? The other grant must go towards equipment or related fees.
    10. Pitch back screens: we have them
    11. Back stop : going to be delivered
    12. Equipment- bats- get more? Make sure they have correct approval rating, get rid of ones that aren’t approved and let us know what we need to order- Don to handle, 

*got some money from the state to help with purchasing equipment 

    1. Keep in mind: Use of other fields: TBD, work on purchasing property/getting a grant towards it. Ryan said Steve Andrews (Lefty) will be happy to offer insight into how to do this; use grant writer? Reach out to community to let them know what we hope to do, community may offer something to use or sell to MYA- how best to reach community- flyer (pass out to students and businesses), Facebook, ask Richfield how they approached it (Lenny Pickens) work on this once the season gets going.
  1. Poor reliability with Trac-phone do we want to get a monthly plan phone? Yes to getting a phone with cheapest monthly plan
  2. Fundraising: Krispie Kreme. 1st week in June, buy candy bars and things to sell in concession stand, BSN apparel sales- hand out or something to put on the concession stand, QR code
  3. Follow up with Kristen Shearer about MYA being involved with MCS: varsity teams work with the MYA kids, clinics for fundraiser
  4. What do we need to be thinking about for Soccer? Gabe and Albe in charge of soccer – look to connect with Kristen Sanford for details/specifics
  5. Other: allowing kid from Schenevus to join MYA team


Next Meeting: May 13, 2024- 7pm MCS Cafeteria

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Milford Youth Athletics

P.O. Box 152 
Milford, New York 13807

Phone: 801-510-0767
Email: [email protected]
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