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Leaving Our Mark

Board of Directors Meeting
Monday February 12, 2024 7:00pm
Milford Central School

1) Call to order
a) Present:
2) Treasures report:

3) Baseball/softball this year:

a. 1) f/u on Registration to determine minor/major or how we want to approach season

b. 2) f/u Ryan, Don and Amanda plan who is going to the scheduling mtg (when is meeting?)

c. 3) f/u propose doing schedule mtg one night and rules meeting another night

d. 4) need to figure out registration,
i. pictures,
ii. umpires,
iii. f/u: sponsorship letters (change the letter?) Heather to take care of sponsor letter and will reach out to Casey

e. 5) order some new uniforms, Amber to do jerseys

f. 6) pictures: if goes well for basketball then use Cassie Meeker again for baseball

g. 7) another mtg to discuss baseball season and setting up divisions then open registration (tball, coach pitch, minor/major, softball minor/majors), set up registration like last year and then adjust as needed.

h. Sport Subgroup: Amanda, Ryan and Joline to help with this

i. Update on soil for field

j. Schedules for practices

k. Use of other fields, Aborn’s?

l. Feedback about working towards purchasing property? Cal Ripken Program update?

m. Central phone (cellphone)/email for board business?

4) Grant money available for fencing and other things

5) Insurance

Old Business

a)Basketball pictures: feedback?

b) Jersey collection: coaches will collect jersey and give to Megan Martincorena to organize

c) BOCES: smaller hoops for little kids- where to store, how to get there, check with BOCES if it’s possible to store there during season. Amanda checking on this with BOCES (Roger Davis)

1) Don asking on behalf of Addy Lawson if kids can participate in tournament March 9th- 300$ for tournament per team (only boys 6th grade available this year)- will MYA agrees to pay $100

d) Unused equipment- Grill – what to do with it?, recommend telling neighbor it stayed within the community and is being used, could school use it? (Don to follow up)

e) Backstop- company very responsive, might not be ready for start of season, Lloyd managing

f) Baseball: Topsoil? Ryan having difficulty reaching someone, trying to get an answer for 10 yards of it. Kiser’s has best price and willing to help community. Don said he would approach him

  g) Apparel:
1)Brittany spoke with athletic director about logos and got ok to use, no set up fee: Should be launched, How is it going? There was no set up fee!
2) Milford can put the link on MYA website. MYA can purchase bulk apparel order to sell

7) Youth Funding: money we can get from the county to help run the organization, help needed with permit fees (this is different than what was used before, but similar in requesting) $10 K for extra fencing quote so far.

8) Fundraising: Krispy Kreme, look to sell it right in the beginning of Baseball season, advertise our can and bottle drive, Candy bars? This was discussed last meeting with some concerns about logistics. Ice-cream?

9) Other items?

Next Meeting: Monday, *** 7pm MCS cafeteria

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Milford Youth Athletics

P.O. Box 152 
Milford, New York 13807

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Milford Youth Athletics

P.O. Box 152 
Milford, New York 13807

Phone: 801-510-0767
Email: [email protected]
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